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Drew Hulsey R. Drew Hulsey, Jr.,
Chief Executive Officer
Mickey Parker Mickey C. Parker
Cole Davis M. Cole Davis, Jr.,
Executive Vice President
Julie Simmons,
Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
Robert McMahan Robert C. McMahan
Christine Daniels Christine A. Daniels
Franklin Davis Franklin J. Davis
J. Sidney Dumas J. Sidney Dumas
Terrell Fulford Terrell Fulford
Arthur Goolsby Arthur J. Goolsby, Jr.
James Hawkins James R. Hawkins
Dr. John Hudson Dr. John A. Hudson,
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Zelma Redding Zelma A. Redding
Angela Tribble Angela M. Tribble

Equal Housing Lender Equal Housing Lender

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Bass Road Phone (478) 475-5988
Lake Oconee (706) 453-0989
Fax (478) 986-5954
Telephone Banking (478) 986-5959
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