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Respecting the Financial Privacy of our Customers

At Piedmont Community Bank, we respect a customer's right to financial privacy and obligate ourselves to honor the trust you have placed with us. We recognize the financial information you have chosen to share is of a sensitive nature, and your privacy should not be compromised. We are committed to treating your personal financial information responsibly and will adhere to all federal and state laws to protect your privacy. Whether in person, by mail, over telephone, or through our website, your information is protected. Since earning your trust is the most important aspect of our business, we would like to share our privacy philosophy with you.

Collection of Financial Information

Piedmont Community Bank collects, retains and uses information, about our customers, only where it is necessary to administer our business, provide superior customer service and offer opportunities that we think will be of interest to you. Personal financial information is obtained only for specific business purposes and collected primarily from our customers, developed within our bank, and on occasion, obtained from outside sources. We continually strive to ensure your financial information is accurate, current and complete and will respond to any requests, by you, to investigate and correct any inaccuracies in a timely manner.

Information to Third Parties

It is our policy not to reveal financial information concerning our customer's accounts, or personal data, to third parties; however, there are certain situations in which this occurs. Your information may be shared with a third party for the following reasons: 1) when it is necessary to assist you in completing certain business transactions, 2) to verify the existence of your account to third party (such as a credit bureau), 3) to comply with a court order, laws or regulations, and 4) when requested by you. Piedmont Community Bank occasionally shares limited customer information with companies we hire to provide operational support or advertising. These third parties are expected to abide by our Privacy Principles and agree not to share our customer's financial information with any other party. At this time, Piedmont Community Bank has no affiliates with which it shares customer information.

Employee Access to Customer Information

Employee access to customer information is granted strictly on a "need to know" basis. This information will be used solely for the purpose of providing our customers with the finest customer service available. All employees are held responsible for the company's privacy principles and will be subject to disciplinary action for any misuse of customer information.

Security Standards

Piedmont Community Bank recognizes and respects our customer's privacy expectations. We safeguard your personal financial information, according to established security standards and procedures, and provide the technology needed for your protection. Should you have questions regarding your financial privacy, or discover we have incorrect information on you, or any of your accounts, please give us a call at (478) 986-5900. We can also be reached through our website at, or by writing Piedmont Community Bank, P.O. Box 1669, Gray, Georgia 31032.

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